Your Omaha electrician experts are here to show you what you can do to make better electricity choices in the new year. Every year we start out by making resolutions about how we’re going to treat our health better. How about treating the health of our home better too? The electric framework of the home often goes unnoticed because it’s designed to go unnoticed. However, like our bodies, it needs the proper attention to achieve its full potential, and avoid an unhealthy state. Let’s see what we can do to achieve that.

Avoid Cord Overload

One of the biggest fire hazards in the home is overloaded extension cords and power strips. It’s much simpler to add an additional outlet than to replace a burnt lost appliance or worse – a home.

Electric Blanket Dangers

We all want to be warm and cozy in our beds during the cold winter months. There’s no doubt an electric blanket can get the job done. But we’re often times not thinking clearly when the alarm goes off in the early morning hours. We’re rushing out the door and often times we leave our blanket on. Electric blankets left on all day, at high temps, with other blankets and sheets around them become a fire hazard. Use a low setting on your electric blanket and always make sure to turn off first before you leave the room to start your morning routine.

Surge Protection is a Must

Plugging new electronics and appliances into outlets with neither primary no secondary surge protection is akin to playing in traffic. You’re eventually going to pay the price. Surges happen more than you realize. Today’s sensor rich electronics are more sensitive to surges than those of the past. Whole-house and outlet based surge protection are essential.

Save Money with LED

LED lights use 75% less energy and last up to 50 times longer than incandescent. Help the health of your wallet by swapping out a few bulbs.

Watch the Wattage!

Bulbs and chords are not one-size-fits-all. Always check the wattage limits on bulb sockets and gauges on extension chords. A 100-watt bulb cannot be used in a 60-watt maximum bulb socket. Likewise, a heavy duty appliance should not be powered by a low wattage extension chord. Not checking the wattage limits is a surefire way to start a fire.

Only Work with a Trusted Omaha Electric Company

When you are in need of professional assistance make sure you’re working with a reputable electrician. Wolf Electric has been serving customers since 1977. We’d be more than happy to discuss any projects or repairs you may need. Call us today: 402-731-1220 in Omaha and 402-464-4333 in Lincoln.