It’s not always obvious when you need a home electrical inspection. But there are three different occasions where a home electrical inspection is warranted. When you’re shopping for a new home, before major renovations, and insurance requests can all warrant an inspection. If you find yourself in any of the three scenarios make sure you’re working with an electrician in Omaha that has a good reputation. Overlooked home electrical flaws can lead to dangerous and costly situations.

Shopping for a New Home

When you’re looking at new homes an electrical inspection is vital. It uncovers hidden problems and helps ensure a fair purchase price. Modifications to the home’s original wiring, from lighting to new breaker panels, may have been performed incorrectly. Issues are often found in older and historic homes, where the number and quality of attempts from various owners over the years can add up to an electrical nightmare. These older homes also often times lack adequate power supply and wiring necessary to support modern electronic devices and appliances used today.

Before Renovations

 Before you upgrade your home with a major renovation and add that home theater room you’ve been dreaming of a home inspection is wise. You want to make sure your current electrical system can support your new plans. It’s the perfect time to make the necessary electrical upgrades when your walls are open. Before starting, getting a home energy audit will also be helpful to improve the efficiency of your home.

For Insurance Purposes

 Home electrical inspections may also be requested by your insurer. They are commonly requested after claims, when you switch providers, and at specific age-points like a home’s 30-year mark. An inspection helps insurers assess your risk and rates. Identifying issues and getting them fixed could help you save on your premiums.

What Electricians Look for During an Inspection

 When you get your inspection the electrician will look at several different areas

  • Electrical service large enough to support the electrical needs of the home – with extra room for future additions.
  • Proper grounding.
  • A properly wired electrical box.
  • Overloaded circuits.
  • Wiring that is in good working order – not exposed, crimped, cracked, or damaged.
  • Switches and outlets in good working order and the right type for the location in the home.
  • GFCIs are in-use in moisture-prone areas – kitchen, laundry, bath, basement, garage, and outdoors.
  • Common Homeowner Electrical Mistakes – wrong wire size, loose connections, missing junction boxes, exposed wires, wrong amperage circuit breaker, overloaded outlets…
  • Deviations from the current standards of the National Electrical Code

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