The Nebraska winters are cold. Perhaps frigid is a more appropriate term. And when the weather gets colder energy bills rise. There are, however, several actions our Omaha and Lincoln residential electricians recommend for savings on energy bills this time of year.

Unplug. Unplug items you’re not using! Simple right? Tiny electronics and appliances still pull energy even when they’re not being used. So, take a moment and unplug.

Use natural light. Open those blinds and allow the natural light to brighten your home. Especially when bright snow is on the ground, natural light is even more effective. So, use this free source of light!

Insulate. A great deal of heat is lost through inadequately insulated attics, unsealed windows and doors. Find a professional to help insulate your attic and use some DIY self-adhesive weather stripping and draft stoppers to keep heat in.

Lower the thermostat. Dial back the heat a few degrees when you’re not home or sleeping to see some savings in your energy bill.

Layer up. Dress warm. Dressing appropriately for the cold season will reduce the need for cranking up the heat.

Our Omaha electricians are committed to helping our customers save. These cost-reducing measures will help save on energy bills for the winter – and throughout the year. Our residential electricians can also provide additional suggestions for our Omaha and Lincoln customers to continue saving on energy bills all year round.