If you’re an Omaha homeowner considering putting your home on the market there’s some behind the scene issues you need to consider. A lot of homeowners think they can put off upgrading the electrical in their homes if they plan on selling. The reality is trying to sell a home with outdated electrical systems is a bad idea. You don’t have to replace everything, but there are several major electrical areas that should be upgraded. Electrical issues often deter potential buyers from signing.

Outdated Wiring

Wiring systems like knob and tube aluminum wiring are a leading cause of home fires. Homes with these outdated systems will stop home shoppers and homeowner’s insurance companies in their tracks. To ensure safety and to manage the big electric loads of the modern home your entire home should be upgraded with solid copper wire and properly grounded by a professional.

Antiquated Electrical Service

The traditional 60-amp wiring older homes are equipped with no longer cuts it. Your home needs to be wired to receive 200-amps to support the number of electrical fixtures and appliances found in the modern home.

2-Prong (Ungrounded) Outlets

Nothing makes an outlet more useless today than the old 2-prong outlet. New homebuyers want to utilize every outlet in the home. All of your home’s outlets need to be 3-prong plugs with proper grounding. Multi-thousand dollar technology demands safe outlets.

Adequate Number of Outlets

One outlet rooms is not a thing anymore. Nobody wants to buy a new home and fill it with extension cords and outlet extensions. Every room needs to have multiple outlets in convenient locations. 

Ancient Circuit Breaker Panels

All home wiring runs through a circuit breaker panel. Outdated Federal Pacific panels from the 60s and 70s are dangerous for the loads modern homes require. Flickering lights from undersized panels are just as bad. Make sure your home’s breaker panels are modern and properly installed.


Outlets located in the bath, kitchen, garage, and other water prone areas need to be GFCI Equipped. They monitor electrical current and will instantly cut it off when an imbalance is detected – possibly saving your home from a devastating fire.

Are you thinking about putting your home on the market this year? Get a trusted Omaha electrician to inspect your home and make sure everything is up to grade. Presenting the best version of your home give you the best chance of a sale.

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