Can Upgrading to a Smart Home Save You Money?

One of the most talked about trends in homes and businesses these days is installing smart home systems. Aside from the convenience factor they are designed to be more efficient and offer big-time savings on your monthly electricity bills. The initia…

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Do You Need a Home Electrical Inspection?

It’s not always obvious when you need a home electrical inspection. But there are three different occasions where a home electrical inspection is warranted. When you’re shopping for a new home, before major renovations, and insurance requests can…

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Better Electricity Choices for the New Year

Your Omaha electrician experts are here to show you what you can do to make better electricity choices in the new year. Every year we start out by making resolutions about how we’re going to treat our health better. How about treating the health of…

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We’ve Moved! Wolfe Electric Omaha Has New Location

Wolfe Electric in Omaha is excited to announce its new location - 13376 Chandler Rd, Omaha, NE.