Are LED Bulbs Worth the Price?

Your light bulb supply is out and you’ve found yourself in the lighting aisle at your local home improvement store asking yourself if the additional cost of LED bulbs is worth it. Working as an electrician in Omaha, it’s a question we get asked, and like everything, it depends. The easy answer is; they can pay off over time. If you’re an apartment hopper or making frequent moves then they might not be a good choice. 

Why are LED Bulbs Worth it?

There are several scenarios that make LED bulbs a better choice. Right out of the gates, LED bulbs are far more efficient using 75% less energy than incandescent bulbs and 50% less than CFLs. LEDs are ideal for rooms that get a lot of use like kitchens, living/family rooms, bathrooms, and porches/outdoor lighting areas.

Hard to Access Fixtures

Cathedral ceilings and highly elevated outdoor lighting are areas you don’t want to be accessing regularly to change out bulbs. Every home has fixtures where homeowners dread changing out bulbs. Considering LED bulbs last 25-times longer the CFLs, they’re perfect for hard to reach fixture areas.

When to Pass

The key thing to remember is that LEDs are a long-term investment. The average payback period for LED bulbs range from about 12-18 months on your run-of-the-mill incandescent/CFL replacement. However, pricier specialty bulbs, like ones used for bathroom vanities and ceiling fan fixtures can cost a lot more. They can take up to four years to pay back. If you’re paying $5 per bulb and considering there are 20-40 bulbs within the average home, your out-of-pocket investment could be $100-$200. If you don’t plan on remaining in your current home for that time period, the superior efficiency and lifespan of LED bulbs won’t help your pocketbook.

Your Omaha Electric Company

Alternative options include installing dimmer switches, occupancy sensors, and complete fixture replacements. Give us a call and we’ll help you figure out what makes the most sense for your unique circumstance. We’ve been helping out Omaha residents with all things electric for a while now. Call today  402-731-1220 Omaha, 402-464-4333 Lincoln.