It’s that time of year again when local power grids are put to the test with all of the extra lights that put us all in the holiday mood. Whether you’re keeping it simple with some LEDs on your trees and shrubs or going all out and transforming your property into a music-synced light show extravaganza keeping safety in mind is number one. As electricians in Omaha, we’ve seen it all, good and bad when it comes to holiday electrical safety. Here are some things to keep in mind this year to ensure you’re able to enjoy your holiday lights injury-free.

Ladder Safety

Yes, ladders and electrical work go hand in hand. According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), hospital emergency rooms treat about 12,500 people for injuries, such as falls, cuts, and shocks, related to holiday lights, decorations and Christmas trees. Almost 6,000 people get treated every year for falls associated with holiday decoration, according to Electrical Safety Foundation International.

To avoid becoming a holiday statistic this year, keep these things in mind:

  • Select a ladder that extends at least three feet over the working surface. Make sure it’s placed on solid and level ground. Only use ladders with slip-resistant feet. Keep it upright at a 75-degree angle.
  • Never use metal ladders near low hanging power lines or electrical equipment. Always keep away from live electrical wires.
  • Make sure the ladder’s rung locks and spreader braces are set properly.
  • Have someone hold the bottom of the ladder while you climb up. Allow only one person at a time to hold the ladder.
  • Make sure you’re using the ladder for its intended purpose. Put the ladder away when you’re finished using it – don’t leave it out.

Holiday Light Safety

Each year, about 4,000 injuries are associated with electric extension cords. Of those injuries, 13 percent involve children less than five years of age. Electrical burns to the mouth accounted for 50 percent of the injuries to young children. Be aware of all the electric cords in and around your house, and make sure young children don’t touch them.

When the fun is over, and it’s time to take down your lights, take caution and unplug them the correct way. Don’t tug or pull the lights; they could unravel and wrap around power lines. Always make sure your lights are cool to the touch before taking them down and packing.

Happy Holidays From Wolfe Electric

The holidays are time for family and reflection. From our family to yours, we wish you a peaceful and joyful holiday season. Be safe and enjoy the season.  If Santa brings you some new appliances, and you’re worried if your power supply can handle them, give us a call. We can increase your home’s power supply and make sure you’re not overloading any circuits.

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