Known as the go to electricians in Omaha we would love to share some outlet insights with our Omaha family. Today’s outlets are in a completely different league than those of the past. Technology in general has been advancing at unprecedented levels and outlets have not been left behind in the technological revolution. Outlets are more than just a place to get power, they can offer a lot of new home comfort advantages you may be missing out on. Most importantly, adding to and updating the outlets in your home protects you and your family from fire and electrocution risks while bringing your home up to code and adding resale value.

A Look at The Latest Outlet Technology

USB Outlets – Most people have a tangled mess of extensions so they can charge all of their devices. USB outlets can be installed next to night stands or anywhere you prefer to charge. They’re inexpensive and free up charging real estate making for a more seamless and organized charging experience anywhere in the home.

Recessed Outlets – A recessed outlet recesses deeply into the wall, preventing plugs from protruding and protecting cords from kinks and bends. They’re perfect for tight quarters. They allow you to slide furniture closer to the wall creating more space. They’re affordable and can accommodate cable, video, and data cords.

Pop-Out Outlets – These outlets are there when you need them and only when you need them. They are installed within cabinets and counters and keep cords from hanging in dangerous areas. They also are a great solution for areas where wall outlets are not possible like on a kitchen island. Even more, because they are hidden when not in use they are safe choices if you have young children.

GFCI Outlets – These outlets have been required by code in areas of your home in close proximity to water for years. You’ve likely seen them in the bathroom, kitchen, and laundry room. They have two small buttons that read “TEST” and “RESET.” They automatically kick off when they detect an electrical imbalance – a great shock and electrical hazard prevention.

Wi-Fi Outlets – Offer the ability to monitor and operate outlets from anywhere. Left the coffee pot on? Not a problem. You can check the status of any outlet from any mobile device or using voice-operated technology like Alexa, Siri, or Google Home command.

TRR (Tamper-Resistant Outlets) – Also called childproof outlets, these outlets feature a spring-loaded shutter that closes the receptacle slots when they’re not in use. Tamper-resistant outlets only add around $.50 to the cost of each outlet. Since 2008, TRR has been required in both new and renovated homes. It’s a simple solution to protecting the little people we love most.

Give us a call if you’d like to discuss an outlet upgrade for your home. They’re affordable and can be done in as little as a couple of hours.