May is electrical safety month. Although you may be reading this in a different month than May, these tips are good every month! As your trusted Omaha residential and commercial electricians, we want to make sure you stay safe when you decide to take simple DIY projects into your own hands.

Wear the Proper Gear

The first lesson in electrical safety training is always to have the right equipment for the job. Before you begin any home electrical project, whether it’s installing a new appliance or changing a light fixture, you need to have the proper gear.

  • Rubber Gloves: When installing fixtures or appliances, rubber gloves can protect you from minor burns and shocks.  
  • Rubber Gripped Tools: Tools with plastic handles can crack, causing a shock hazard when working with electrical wiring. Always use rubber insulated and handled tools when doing electrical work. 
  • Voltage Testers: A voltage tester tells you which wires or cables are live with electricity, so you always know you’re working with the correct wires.
  • Pliers: Hold back objects and obstacles with pliers as you work on wires.
  • Electrical Tape: Use to insulate anything that conducts electricity. 

Ceiling Fan Installation Safety

Once you’ve started any electrical home project, always keep an eye out for warning signs that you may have a safety issue. Ceiling fan installations can present many electrical problems. It’s best to leave this type of job to professionals, but if you do decide to try it, make sure you have a voltage tester. Even after the power has been shut off, there could be live wires in the ceiling box. If you become overwhelmed at any point, do not attempt to finish the project yourself.

Lighting Fixture Installation

After you turn off the power from the circuit breaker, make sure your ladder is secure, and you have the necessary equipment handy. You may need someone to assist you. Depending on how heavy the fixture is, it might be easier to have somebody hold the fixture while you work on the wiring. Never let anything dangle from electrical wires while you’re working. An improperly installed lighting fixture can short out your entire system. If you get into the project and get stuck, don’t attempt to complete it on your own.

Call a Professional Electrician

We know many people like to try DIY projects, but if a DIY becomes too much, do not hesitate to reach out to an expert. From ceiling fan installation to full-home surge protectors, Wolfe Electric has experience with all types of electrical projects. We can ensure the project is completed safely and properly. 

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