Storms can develop quickly and unexpectedly in Nebraska. While it’s difficult to know when a severe storm is going to hit, you can take safety measures ahead of time to ensure you, your family and your home are ready to deal with the worst conditions.

Whatever the weather may have in store, these five tips can help you prepare for future storms and emergencies and keep the lights on when the worst storms hit.

Back up Your Power

 The worst storms always knock out the power. It can last for seconds, minutes, or even days in the worst cases. In the case of complete power loss, a home backup generator will ensure your home appliances keep running and keep your food, water, and heat on while you shelter in place. In addition, when the power comes back on, it brings a power surge that can damage your electronics and appliances. Adding a whole house surge protector can eliminate that risk.

Home Safety Check

A safe room won’t do you much good unless you have a safe home. Consider the weak point of your house and what you can do to better secure them. If you’re expecting high winds, install some shutters on your windows, and make sure your roof is in good condition before and after the storm. Inspect your home’s perimeter keeping an eye out for potential hazards like large tree branches and dead trees.

Create and Practice a Safety Plan

Explaining what to expect during a storm and assigning roles to each family member will help everyone stay calm and organized. Take some time to discuss severe weather conditions in your area, create a safety plan, and run some practice drills. In the event of an emergency, everyone will know exactly what to do and minimize the risk of injury.

Stock Up and Have an Emergency Kit

Instead of scrambling and fighting long lines right before the storm hits, be ready with a stocked supply kit of food, water, first aid items, medications, flashlights, batteries, tools, blankets, and emergency contacts. Make sure to store all of your important documents in a dry, secure spot.

How to Recover

Even minor damage can lead to big trouble when ignored or missed. An electrical safety inspection of your home following a severe weather event can give you peace of mind about any unseen issues. If the damage is extensive, take precautions and avoid damaged areas outside or inside your home. Always ask a professional before trying to fix or operate any storm-damaged electrical devices.

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