At Wolfe Electric of Omaha and Lincoln, our services span large and small projects, single or multiple family residence, and small-scale to expansive commercial spaces. Our Omaha electric company, founded in 1977, holds a tradition of longevity, experience and excellence.

Our family-owned and operated Omaha electric company is one of many in the Omaha and Lincoln areas. And since the number of choices can be overwhelming, when looking to hire an Omaha electrician, you’ll want to assess the following:

Commitment to Safety: Our Omaha electrician’s first priority is safety, and Wolfe Electric holds two awards honoring our commitment to safety – the Excellence in Construction Award and the Platinum S.T.E.P Award for exemplary safety.

Licensed and Insured: This protects you from unnecessary costs and stress, should something go wrong in your home, and ensures that all the electricians have the proper training to perform safe and effective work.

Get an Estimate: Speaking to a trusted Omaha electrician personally or having them visit your home for an onsite estimate is free and provides an easy way of getting to know an electrician, while obtaining a quote for your project before work begins.

Professionalism: An outstanding Omaha electrician will go above and beyond to provide exemplary service and respect your home. We can guarantee our electricians are uniformed, equipped with the proper tools and training for the job, and respectful of the home environment they are working in.

Time Frame: A less experienced, lower quality electrician, or a smaller-outfit may require you to wait before they provide service. Wolfe Electric is equipped for timely and efficient repair with a large team of quality electricians.

Finding the right commercial or residential electrician in Omaha or Lincoln can be tough when there are so many options to choose from. But prioritizing quality, safety, efficiency and service can help you choose the right electrical contractor for your home.