Electricity can be dangerous for everyone, especially young kids who don’t fully understand the risks.  As residential electricians in Omaha and Lincoln, we’ve seen our share of potential hazards on the job. Electrical injuries can be devastating, but the good news is you can easily prevent them by following good practices. Let’s take a look at some easy to do preventive measures to keep your kids and visiting kids safe.

Childproof Outlets

We all know toddlers love to stick fingers and pretty much anything they can get their hands on into small spaces. Outlets provide an extremely dangerous temptation for young children. Every year over 2,000 children are injured by placing objects into electrical outlets. Installing electrician approved childproof outlets that can’t be removed by little hands is the only way to ensure their safety and your peace of mind.

Avoid Overloaded Outlets

Most kids today use electronics every day. As much as we encourage kids to figure out how things work on their own, we need to guide them when it comes to electrical safety. One of the most important lessons to teach is not to overload outlets or extension cords. Keep a designated outlet for charging their electronic devices and periodically check to make sure they’re not overloading it.

Keep Liquids Away from Outlets

Kids are pro snackers and tend to leave their drinks wherever is convenient. Remind them to never leave their cups or juice boxes by an outlet or any electronic device. If liquid gets into an outlet, it could cause a short that may damage your entire electrical system or even start a fire. Whether you have children in your home or not, your kitchen and bathrooms should be fitted with GFCI outlets.

Cord Safety

Electrical safety for kids involves teaching them about cord safety. If you teach children from a young age how to safely plug a cord into an outlet and remove it, they’re more likely to be engaged with proper electrical safety as they grow. Make sure to teach them that cords should never be yanked out of a socket. Teach them to remove cords gently and never force a plug into an outlet.

Outdoor Electrical Equipment

Electrical safety for kids extends to your outdoor spaces as well. When playing outside, make sure you warn your kids to stay away from green pad transformers and electrical boxes. Tell them that if they notice any damage to the boxes, they should never touch them and tell you right away. Also, make sure your outdoor outlets are secure and locked if you have small children.

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