Pathway lighting is the best way to bring your outdoor spaces to life. By adding pathway lights, you can improve ambience and set the mood while entertaining guests and family. Outdoor lighting increases security by illuminating dark places around your home and deterring break-ins. It improves safety by giving light to your walkways so you can see where you’re moving. Outdoor lighting also increases your home’s curb appeal by enhancing your home’s architecture and landscaping at night. If you’re looking to add light to your home’s exterior, an Omaha electrician can help you understand what you need and make connections to your power grid if necessary.

Types of Outdoor Lighting

When you’re looking for efficient outdoor fixtures, choose ones with Energy Star labeling to maximize efficiency.

  • Wall-mounted Lanterns – Add wall lighting to your front entry or garage doors to increase your home’s curb appeal. Place one strategic light above your address mounted on the front of your house so guests can easily find your address after sunset.
  • Ceiling Fixtures – Installed in porch overhangs a ceiling fixture gives you a permanent light at your front or back entry.
  • Hanging Pendant Lights – Add to the porch entrance for increased curb appeal.
  • Spotlights and Floodlights – Showcase your trees, fountains, and other features at night. Spotlights illuminate one spot while floodlights have a more diffused beam.
  • Post Lanterns – Stand out with tall post lanterns at the end of a walkway close to the street. Posts are also great for illuminating your pool, patio, or backyard.
  • Pathway Lanterns – Light up walkways and garden beds with lanterns placed close to the ground.

Energy-Efficient Electrical Features

To get the most out of your outdoor lighting without adding much to your energy bill, look for fixtures that come with these features:

  • Automatic Daylight Shutoff – Light sensing controls automatically turn off the fixtures at dawn and on at dusk. Save energy and time not having to manually adjust the lights every day.
  • Timers – The next best thing to automatic shutoff fixtures are timers. You can set your lighting up with timers to turn off or on at the exact time you choose.
  • Motion Sensors – Lights installed for security purposes perform best with motion sensors. They’ll remain off unless something triggers them. The fixture comes to life and illuminates the intruder deterring them from proceeding.
  • LED Bulbs – LED lights are recognized for their low energy consumption, durability, and high performance in cold environments.
  • Solar Power – These lights add nothing to your electric bill because they’re drawing energy from the sun all day, which gives them enough stored power to stay lit all night.

Need Outdoor Electrical Help?

If you need some help installing outdoor fixtures or setting up your outdoor electrical layout, we can help. We can do the technical work and make sure your panel is set up to handle your outdoor electrical load.

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