If you’re an Omaha or Lincoln, Nebraska homeowner planning to remodel your home, don’t overlook the need to upgrade your electrical system. Most homes built over thirty-five years ago cannot sufficiently and safely handle the electricity demand of today. This article will cover the potential upgrades you should consider when you’re remodeling your home. A home remodel is the perfect time to upgrade your home’s electrical system and enjoy your newly remodeled home.

Rewiring and Rerouting

When you renovate your home, you might be expanding an individual room or rooms. You may be changing your kitchen from a traditional kitchen set up to an open plan kitchen. Depending on the available space, you might be adding a kitchen island, pantry, or storage room.

As great as your new kitchen will look, your current electrical system might not be so happy about the change. When you’re in the process of tearing down walls and punching holes in drywall, it’s the perfect time to update your home’s electrical wiring to ensure all of your upgrades bring you the joy you planned for and not unexpected headaches.

Modern Features

When you’re remodeling your home, it’s a good idea to update your lighting fixtures. Good lighting creates ambiance, which determines a room’s energy. Consider the types of lights and how you want to control them. You can choose remote-controlled lighting, dimmers, sliders, or use smart home functionality.

Panel Upgrades

When you’re upgrading your home electrical system, there’s a good chance you’ll want to upgrade your panel. The reality is older technology did not require as much power as current technology. Even though manufacturers today advertise products as energy-efficient, the number of appliances used in the modern home today has increased substantially, putting more pressure on your electrical panel. The modern home today uses about 30% more electricity than homes 30 years ago.

Outlet and Receptacles

Today’s high-energy appliances use specialized receptacle models. Seek advice from a professional electrician when you’re remodeling to ensure you’re getting the right type of outlets to accommodate your electronics.

Get Advice from an Expert

A home remodel is a big investment. It pays off by adding value to your home while making it a more comfortable place to live. Your home’s electrical system is like your home’s nervous system. It works behind the scenes to bring your home’s technology to life and ensure it operates safely and efficiently. Although it’s unseen, it can’t be ignored without cost. If you’re planning on a home remodel, make sure to get a consultation from your local electrician to see if your home is ready for an electrical remodel as well.

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