As we noted last month, the work from home movement is here and will likely keep growing. Chances are, if you’re now working from home, your new office is an old spare bedroom or maybe a corner in the basement. Wherever you find yourself working, there’s a good chance you won’t have the best lighting. Not only is the right lighting important for video conferencing, but optimal lighting increases productivity and is better for your health. The good news is there are a lot of ways you can improve your home office lighting. With the help of an Omaha electrician, the process can be straightforward and quick.

Why Skip the Cheap Lighting?

At first, it seems like a good idea to just grab some cheap lamps, put them all over the office, and hope for the best. Sooner than later, you’ll realize they become a pain and are not a long-term solution. Your office lighting should work as a system designed to meet your specific needs and include overhead lighting, ambient lighting, and task lighting.

Consider a Whole Office Solution

Ideally, your home office will have at least one window to provide some natural light. It’s likely the room will have at least one existing overhead fixture. The overhead fixture is likely adequate for providing enough light for the room but probably doesn’t do much to help out with video conferencing. Installing an overhead track lighting system can be the first step to optimizing your home office lighting.

Work with a Professional

It’s no surprise that most of the lighting options people are using to illuminate their home offices are sub-optimal. If you really want to maximize your home office lighting work with a professional lighting designer. They’ll be able to maximize what you have and make smart recommendations to get you what you need. Overhead lighting fixtures can provide ample lighting without glare. Track lighting is the most flexible option because it offers different types of fixtures like spotlighting or floodlighting and can be positioned to your needs.

How Lighting Affects Your Health

Lots of research shows which type of lighting should be used to create the most productive work environment. Poor and dim lighting can have a negative effect on work productivity. It also causes eye strains that can lead to headaches. Dim lighting also makes you sleepy, and hard to maintain focus and motivation. At the other end, harsh lighting that is too bright can trigger headaches and hurt focus. Light colors with a temperature of 5000 Kelvin yield the best overall results for a work environment. This light is a slightly warmer shade than natural daylight and looks crisp and clear.

Need Help Installing New Home Office Lighting?

If you’re ready to optimize your home office lighting, you’ll likely need to install some new lighting, whether it be a track lighting system or pendant lights. We can help you bring your new office lighting design to life safely and quickly.

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