As your trusted Omaha electrician experts we’re always a phone call away, but maybe you’re not sure what warrants a phone call. That’s understandable. Electricity can be deadly so you should be cautious, but you also don’t want to call us to come over to flick a switch for you.


Call Us When…

 Dimming or flickering lights need the attention of a trained electrician. The flickering means there is a loose or faulty connection. Sometimes these connections can be difficult to locate, dangerous to locate, and extremely dangerous to repair.

Bad outlets that are buzzing, loose, or burnt out indicate a very old wiring system that needs expert attention. If your home is short on outlets, plagued with 2-prong only outlets, or frequently tripping breakers it’s time for an update.

Breakers tripping repeatedly can mean you have a short circuit. Short circuits result from dangerously exposed and touching wires, broken wires, loose connections or a ground fault.

Humming and buzzing breakers indicate a faulty breaker that is overloaded and is unable to trip. Flip it off manually to OFF, then get an electrician out immediately to avoid an electrical fire.

An insufficient Power supply could be a problem if you have an older home. Decades-old wiring cannot handle the power supply needed for modern appliances. An electrician team can get your house up-to-date and restore your homes’ energy efficiency.


Don’t Call Us When… 

 Actually feel free to call us anytime, even if you think the question is “dumb.” If you describe the problem and the solution is simple, we can just tell you over the phone how to fix it. Here are some common problems most people can handle themselves.

Circuit overloads can happen when there are too many appliances plugged into the same outlet. If you have several T-adapters turning a two plug outlet into a six plug outlet and every appliance in the kitchen is plugged in – that’s a bad idea. When it comes to appliances stick to one appliance per outlet.

Are your light bulbs blowing out frequently? Most of the time this occurs because the fixture is housing a bulb with the incorrect wattage. Swap out your bulbs with low-wattage LEDs. They’ll last longer and are more energy efficient.

Dimmer switch not working? Often times sub-par materials cause dimmer switch malfunctions. Take a closer look at the switch installation. Read the instructions again and make sure everything is there and installed correctly.

Whatever your electric needs may be we can help. Don’t hesitate to call us, we’re always happy to answer your questions and can give you a free quote on any projects you have in mind. Call us today. 402-731-1220 Omaha, 402-464-4333 Lincoln