More Omaha and Lincoln homeowners are switching to smart home technology for the numerous benefits and comfort features. When most people think of smart devices, they think of speakers, lights, and thermostats. But behind all these smart devices is something important – smart home wiring. Smart home wiring is the connection that holds a smart home network together and enables optimal performance. So why are homeowners switching to smart home technology? Let’s find out.

Reduced Energy Bills

Reducing your energy bills requires a proactive strategy. Smart homes are all about efficiency, optimization, and convenience. From Wi-Fi outlets to smart thermostats, you can monitor and program most of your devices to accommodate your needs while optimizing use. Real-time data allows you to understand system performance and lets you maximize your efficiency. You can even connect to home energy monitoring systems for greater control, all from the convenience of your phone.

Insurance Benefits

Smart home wiring offers insurance savings as well. With an integrated smart system that includes smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, homeowners can enjoy significant savings on their homeowner’s insurance. At the same time, you get peace of mind by improving your home’s safety. Check with your insurance agent to see what devices and systems qualify for savings.

Whole House Surge Protection

Severe weather is still unpredictable despite today’s advanced weather equipment and forecasting. As more and more people work remotely from home, the need to protect the equipment that powers your home office increases. Smart home wiring combined with devices like whole-home surge protection can provide peace of mind and protect sensitive electronic equipment from damage caused by power surges and storms.

Better Connectivity

A strong, reliable Wi-Fi signal means better coverage and improved connectivity with mobile devices. Even with improved Wi-Fi coverage and connectivity, there are times when you want and need the security and reliability that only comes with a hard-wired connection. A connection that plugs directly into your smart home wiring is optimal for security and reliability. To ensure that you always stay connected on important calls and video conference calls, smart home wiring is the best solution.

Professional Smart Home Wiring

It’s easy to see that a smart home offers a lot of benefits, convenience, and flexibility when it comes to living and working from home. Smart devices make everything from turning on lights to keeping your home at the ideal temperature easy. But all of this is only as reliable as the system supporting it. If you’re thinking of upgrading to smart home and would like to understand your current system and see how an electrician can help install the best wiring and outlet infrastructure, the professionals at Wolfe Electric have the knowledge, experience, and expertise to help set up a smart home for today and the future.

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