If you’re having trouble with a circuit breaker that keeps tripping you should stop ignoring it as it’s a sign of something that needs professional attention. If a big storm has just passed and your circuit breaker has tripped for the first time don’t panic. There are some simple and safe steps you can take to get your power back on.

Circuit Breaker Safety

When your circuit breaker trips for the first time it can feel like a big deal, but there’s no reason to worry. If you know what you’re doing, you can safely reset a circuit breaker in your home. The first safety rule to keep in mind is once you find your breaker box, be extra cautious not to touch any exposed wires or attempt to take the breaker panel apart. The second rule is that water and electricity do not play well together. If the area surrounding your circuit breaker is wet or has standing water wait until the area is dry or call a professional electrician.

Turn Off Affected Lights and Appliances

You don’t want to blow a fuse on your living room television or other major appliance. To prevent this, make sure you turn off all major electronic devices before dealing with the circuit breaker. If you can’t find an off switch, just unplug the power source.

Locate Your Circuit Breaker Box

Circuit breakers are usually found enclosed in a gray metal service box in a utility area like a basement, laundry room, or sometimes on the outside of a home if it’s an older home. Check to see if there are any wall cabinets in the room, when might have the box located inside. Once you locate the box open the door and look for switches that are set in rows.

Find the Tripped Breaker

Look for any breaker that is showing a red or orange color. This will indicate that the breaker is switched off. If there’s not color display, you can check to see if any levers are in the opposite position compared to the lever in the ON position. In most boxes, if a lever is positioned towards the outside of the panel, it’s usually in the OFF position.

Flip the Breaker to the ON Position

After you locate the breaker that’s off, simply flip back to the ON position like you would with a light switch. It won’t flip as easy as a light switch, and when it’s back in place you’ll hear a clicking sound signaling it’s back on. This should restore power, but if it doesn’t, try flipping a few more times. If you still aren’t getting power, you’ll want to call your local Omaha or Lincoln electrician to assess the problem.

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