One of the most talked about trends in homes and businesses these days is installing smart home systems. Aside from the convenience factor they are designed to be more efficient and offer big-time savings on your monthly electricity bills. The initial investment in ‘smart devices’ is around 30-50% more than their standard counterparts, but the return on investment is rapid. If you’re considering a smart home upgrade, make sure you consult with an experienced electrician in Omaha who can make the transition quick and cost-effective.

Types of Smart Home Tech that Save Money

  • LED Lights – LED bulbs last longer than both incandescent and CFL bulbs, and utilize far less energy – 75-80% less than the typical 60-watt incandescent bulb. Smart LED lights like Philips Hue are compatible with your home automation system, and only increase on the savings. With a well programmed smart home lights are never on when they shouldn’t be.
  • Smart Thermostats – Ever forget to turn off the AC or heater when you leave your home? Smart thermostats use technology for tracking occupancy and schedules. These thermostats can program themselves, prevent energy waste, and are highly programmable. The EPA’s Energy Star program reports savings of up to $180 per year in homes taking advantage of smart thermostat technology. Some utility companies offer rebates and incentives for homes that upgrade to a smart thermostat.
  • Remote Power Management Devices – These devices, such as Wi-Fi outlets, offer the capability to monitor, and operate, appliances in your home from anywhere. From lighting to your coffee pot, space heater, and more. Ease your worries and energy efficiency by checking the status of your appliances from anywhere. Never leave the curling iron on all day again.
  • Smart Security – Today’s connected home security products, like SimpliSafe and Wink Lookout, offer everything and more than a traditional home security service, but for a lot less. Lock your house remotely, monitor doors and windows with wireless contact sensors. You can even install microphones, speakers, and sirens.

More than Just Energy Savings

In addition to energy savings and ease-of-use, a smart home can save you money on your homeowner’s insurance costs. Smart home systems can include smoke, carbon monoxide, flood, and other detectors that may make you eligible for a significant policy discount – up to 20 percent for some systems.

If you’re ready to save money and smarten up your home give us a call and we can help you get it done right. Working with a trusted Omaha electrician is the best route to get your smart home set up correctly the first time. Call us today and we’d be happy to answer any questions you have. 402-731-1220 Omaha, 402-464-4333 Lincoln