Tired of wondering why the electric bill is so high even though you feel like you’re being conservative with your energy use? You’re not alone. Despite efforts to save more on the electric bill you might not be seeing the savings you expected. Don’t worry! Your favorite Omaha electric company has some energy bill saving tips for you. Remember, when you’re looking for an electrician in Omaha Wolfe Electric can help you out with small or large electrical work.

Replace Outdated Appliances

Old refrigerators, furnaces, and dryers use much more energy than modern units. They use so much energy that homeowners sometimes can find government tax incentives and electric company discounts and rebates for replacing them with more energy efficient models. Not only are they more reliable and efficient, they’ll often pay for themselves in a few years!

Unplug Items Not In-Use

A phone charger that isn’t charging a phone still uses electricity.  Often referred to as “vampire energy loads,” items left plugged in often continue to use power, adding five percent or more to your annual energy costs. To combat this, make sure to plug these items into a power strip and keep it turned off until the items are needed. Common items include cell phones, mobile device chargers, TV’s, video game consoles, computers, microwaves, and anything else with a power adaptor, indicator light, clock, or standby function.

Use a Smart Power Strip

A smart power strip with surge protection helps you fight energy drains by safeguarding against both vampire energy drain and power surges and overloads. They can be easily installed and adjusted with automated scheduling through Alexa/Siri/Google Home, or a smartphone app. They’re fairly inexpensive and make switching home theatre equipment, gaming systems, and more, easy and reliable.

Install Dimmer Switches

Home lighting accounts for roughly 12 percent of your average bill. Dimmer switches and light occupancy sensors help cut costs. They offer variable illumination to reduce wattage or turn off lights when not in use. If you’d like to upgrade your home with dimmer switches we can help you get that done quickly and affordably.

Get a Smart Thermostat

Smart and programmable thermostats help you save by adjusting temperatures when you’re away from home. A home that is unnecessarily heating or cooling when you’re away adds up. Using modern precision technology can offer savings from 10-23 percent annually depending on the model you choose.

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